I bash metal…I wrap gemstones…I play with fabrics

I love making things. I love bashing metals into shapes for jewellery, I enjoy the intricacies of wire-wrapping fine gemstones, I find making bags and clothes in different textiles satisfying. It’s a long step away from my old day job in the office!

I started making jewellery as a recouperative process after a bad health episode. I found that this was a wonderful and creative distraction that acted as an active meditation to calm my mind. From this, my new life as a designer-maker began.

I enjoy exploring the mix of metals and textures using traditional metal-work and incorporating these with my love of gemstones. I love the beauty and individuality of natural gemstones, their shapes, energies and healing abilities.

My jewellery designs vary according to my mood and energy levels, giving rise to distinctly different ranges of design and technique. When my mood is low, I make simpler designs where I can texture metal using a hammer to relieve frustration. When I have great concentration, I make intricate wire-wrapped pieces using precious metals and semi-precious stones. On really creative or contemplative days I will make rustic designs with set stones that often interpreting a story, an experience or a photo. Some days I completely ignore jewellery and settle down to work with textiles for a change. As my mood fires my creativity, no two days are the same. I work from my home studio in London, surrounded by music and watched over by a cat or two…..bliss.